Long Lost

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Photography by KJ
ESCAPADE  Been wondering long and staring hard about what I should blog about tonight.., after all it has indeed been some while since I blogged regularly. Is this what we all call the blogging slump? (As much as I hate to admit it.. I guess there's still some truth in that hehe) Been completely over-the-top kind of busy running for appointments.. attending workshops.. meeting my partners and squeezing in a little bit of extra time to catch up with friends. By the time I'm home it's usually close to midnight! To prevent my #FOMO syndrome lately (fear of missing out, that's what I call it) I even decided to quit checking my Instagram feed for a while - overwhelming feed of gorgeous pictures and that can be dangerously addictive if you ask me..

SOOOO, the big thing is that Singapore Blog Awards for 2014 is back!! That's also the one big thing that's hovering on my mind.. to join, or not to join? That is the burning question. The thing is, I've been putting two feet forward in focusing on Amway.. getting myself busy right up to my neck! From a very logical point of view it tells me to skip this year's Blog Awards...(plus, most bloggers may be keeping a lookout for past year's winners and I'm not going to lie that that's about a hundred times the original amount of stress..) 

Then again, part of me still feels very psyched to join in and to give myself a tall challenge. Ugh my heart and my mind is just totally going in different directions.. Guys I really need help and your opinions on this - how will you girls choose?

Everything else aside, here's more pictures that KJ and I took while we were in Boracay! That was the time when I still had my gradient blonde long locks and my sidecut.. (Not missing my hair length a whole lot, but it IS tough trying to grow out a sidecut good lord) Been meaning to blog about these for a long long while and I'm so happy that it's finally up on my blog! Who can ever resist the clear skies, white beaches and the pristine clear sea?

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