Dressed in Pink

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Pictures by KJ
MID-WEEK  Aloha guys! Wow, it really feels good to be back on my blog. It really do. I've been trying my very best to do regular updates, but when I'm finally home at the end of day I kinda gave in to the temptation of having a little rest on the bed... well, that was the original plan, until it turned into a sleep! Whoops. I've been really busy up to my tippy little toes, always running for appointments and workshops right from the morning all the way till night falls. Everything is good except that I'm still having a little difficulty trying to adjust my schedule to fit everything in, haha!

The only thing that's bugging me at the back of my mind is that I have no idea why I've been falling sick pretty often lately. Just recovered from a bout of flu not too long ago and I had to get another upset stomach yesterday. (Trust me, that's not exactly the most exciting thing to happen..) I couldn't decide if the 2 hours worth of tossing and turning around in bed at 4am was worse, or the bout of nausea that keeps coming back. Thankfully!! I'm getting much better today so I guess it's time for a little rain check on my (slightly) unhealthy food choice. It makes me realise that I've been taking my health for granted on good days.. and when the bug hits me it's really super duper bad. I'm just thankful to have KJ who drove over to my house immediately at 5am in the morning just to take care of me!

June has also been an unbelievably, unforgivingly, smothering hot... month. After KJ and I shot these pictures about two weeks ago, I happily instagrammed about the sweater weather (doesn't the words already sounds so good together).. BUT, unfortunately the cooler weather didn't came back any more. Why oh why? So on that lucky day I was wearing this baby pink short dress (yes I'm pretty sure it's going to be a dress if I can be a little more petite) and it was casual look pulled together with a red jacket and my pair of white creepers.

I would love to tell you girls where I got the dress from because I really think that's kinda cute, but the thing is that I got it out from my cousin's wardrobe (and she doesn't have a second piece anymore). Hur hur hur okay enough of my bad jokes, please be nice. Well so you girls know all about the Carousell app right? My cousin was just posting pictures after pictures of clothes which she didn't need anymore and so, I thought I'll just pop by her house and do what we always do - we exchanged our clothes! That's really one of the best part to cousin-hood, I swear.

In all sense of seriousness, I've also fallen deep in love with babydoll dresses.. I got a whole lot of them in my wardrobe (not a joke) and I just keep wearing them over and over again. They are like the perfect blend of smart casual and casual wear which I find them so incredibly easy to dress up and down in (tip: just with a change between flats and heels). Will definitely be sharing about it with you girls in my next post! Meanwhile, I'm off to catch some rest tonight and I hope you guys have a great mid-week ahead!



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  1. Hello,how are you i wish you all the luck,i love your sporty chic style

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  2. Ah, you changed your hair since the last time I was here! Looks really great on you. And I love that adorable dress.


  3. lovely look :)


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  4. Like that combination of pink and red flatter your skin perfectley

  5. Dear, I found your blog randomly and I’d like to say it’s fabulous! I really like your amazing photos & style! Everything is perfect!

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  6. I love the red color and it always attracts me the most. There are so many designs in the red colors available but the best style of the red color is always with this pink and you have the some lovely colors at the same time. it is good you are back to write the blogs.

  7. Hi! I'm glad you are back and that you are feeling better, and how nice to have someone so lovely to drive at 5 AM to take care of you! It's a coincidence, last week I had an upset stomach and argh, you are right, not good.Well, I am following you on bloglovin, to make sure I get your updates! You don't have to follow me back, of course, but I'll be very happy if you do! Have a nice week and take care of yourself - getting sick often can be a sign of tiredness... I had that often last year! denisesplanet.com

    1. Oh, I am a fool! I loved the dress so much and when I wrote I didn't say anything about it! Obviously you know it's lovely - nice cousin! - and that you look very pretty!

  8. Hello,how are you i wish you all the luck,i love your sporty chic style.
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  9. awwwww, howw cute! I'd wear this outfit too, girlie!

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