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Photography by Me
 READY FOR HALLOWEEN Hola! It's start of a brand new month.. and it's October already! Can't really believe how time flies. I mean, in less than two months it'll be Christmas, and not before long it'll soon be New Years' Eve and, voila! It's 2015. Pretty terrifying if you really go think about it. (And I'll be turning 23..... not funny..)

Anyway! To celebrate October I had a super pampering manicure session this morning with Candilicious Nails. (I've switched nail sponsors!) Shanice's the owner and I'm so glad to work together with her because her flair in design is just.. soo good. Take it for yourself, but I've browsed through her Facebook + Instagram and all her designs are incredibly sweet looking (and nothing over the top). Me likey. Best part is..... we just stay a couple of bus stops away in Yishun!

October spells Halloweeen so I'm kickstarting Halloween early on my nails hehe. Shanice has a pair of very very talented hands - just look at what she put on my nails. WATER GLOBES!!! With a kitty face and specks of glitter that falls around whenever I move my fingers... somebody needs to stop me from shaking it hahaha. #cantstopwontstop

Just drop Shanice a whatsapp text (at +65 9431 4859) to inquire her rates if you girls are also thinking of getting your nails done. It's a home based salon so her rates are much more affordable. Plus, she's also opening another promo for you girls!! Just mention my name or "Jas15" for an additional 15% discount off nail art prices. You can check out her design portfolio on Instagram (here) and Facebook page (here)!

Nails done by Candilicious Nails
Gel Manicure : $35   |     Nail Art : $65
With 15% off nail art (whenever you quote my name),
y set totals up to about $90 (inclusive of the 2 water globes!)




Whatsapp: +65 9431 4895
Address: 713 Yishun Street 71

Instagram  //  @Candilicious_Nails (Link)
Facebook  //

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