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TRIPPING ON THE ROAD  Been a really fruitful and amazing time late last month spending my time travelling to Philippines' incredible Cebu and Bohol island! And shortly about a week later, I'm back on the plane flying to Myanmar so.. spiritually I'm still all over the place haha! I really, really enjoy travelling. Spending time exploring the different cultures and immersing in new experiences, time couldn't be better well spent. It just gets better when in the accompany of fun trip buddies. This Cebu Bohol trip came on a really last minute notice where I just packed my bags and travelled together with eight other winners and finalists of Singapore Blog Awards 2014.

While I'm usually just writing everything about myself (..who knows how boring that must be..) But no. Not today! I'm going to talk a little bit about my eight buddies. One that that I often believe is that our character is usually expressed by our choice of clothing. Even though everyone can talk a lot, but our clothes really talk more. That's what I always feel. SO, having the chance to get to know everyone on a personal level, i think it indeed holds some truth.. So here we go!

Ally. Traveller of AllyOffDuty

Usually decked in jeans, I secretly think Ally might just be the perfect poster girl as girl-next-door. On first impressions I honestly thought that she's rather quiet and reserved.. until I see her getting first in line for any thrilling and adrenaline pumping activities that we had on our itinerary (perfect accompany for theme park rides yes!). Adventurous and bubbly, it was fun having our duo self-proclaimed KTV session for everyone on the bus ride!

Leonny. Mummy of OurEverydayThings

Like our mummy as well on our trip, Leonny was such a motherly figure to everyone of us. Always in tee shirts, jeans, sport shoes and a bag of necessities, Leonny has everything she needs "just in case". I still remember how we were setting off to island hop one afternoon and while everyone else were just keeping our items to the bare minimum, Leonny has fresh new clothes, towels.. and everything else along. I thought that really reflects her role as a mummy and how loving she must be to her kids with everything well thought out. Very well prepared for every occassion (and perhaps even her contingency plans).

Fern, creative illustrator of NvFeiXia

You just have to see all her amazing drawings and stories she illustrates on her blog. While Fern usually tends to be rather quiet while we are all in a group, she is someone who's just awesome to chat with personally. Fern is really interesting because all along the trip, I honestly couldn't quite tell what's going through her mind given that she hardly speaks... but once I started reading her blog posts... gosh she is best with details and observations. She may not speak much, but she can definitely write up a storm.

Kenny. Kickass photographer on Gui-tou

It was funny how we all first met Kenny at the departure gate. All of us were making headcounts going "where is Kenny?" - and there popped up a guy with a nice head of... interesting textured hair and a huge backpack. Hmm.. (our company just gets more interesting) Usually ready with his backpack and utility belt for his two DSLRs, Kenny is the seasoned outgoing traveller who takes really, really, really, amazing photographs.

Ally and I were all for being his "models" when he needed to take pictures hahaha. (You guys will get to see them in the following posts) I've picked up so many photography tips and advice from him (we call him the photography-god) while some serious tummyaches came along with the package because he's been up to a lot of nonesensical things with Smith. Now who's Smith?

Smith. Thankful author of SmithThankYou

This is Smith. You guys would probably have known or heard about him because he's the one who's always up to crazy stuff... anywhere, everywhere. (Like wearing a unicorn jumpsuit to an award party..) But that's just him. Usually in slogan tee shirts, Smith is a very expressive guy who doesn't mind sharing his views on anything under the sun. I honestly thought that Smith came across a little intimidating initially (in both looks and in size haha) and might be judgemental kind of person as he's no novice to the world of social media. But like what Leonny shared at the end of the trip, he's really just a big teddybear under all that facade.

He's someone you can count on to be serious when you need advice on social media, and also someone you can count on to make your day with all his self-proclaimed toilet-reading-material content on his blog.

Kenney. Foodie on MyNoshPit

Kennethy is sort of like the opposite ends of the poles if I put him next to Smith. A little more reserved and quiet by nature like Fern, Kenney is usually decked in polo shirts and pants. On the trip, I realised that Kenney has fear of the heights and open waters.. I was actually worried for him because included in our itinerary was a sky walk on the tallest building in Cebu and we were basically doing our island hop and everything else on the sea. (This might just turn out to be his horror trip...) But secretly, we were all very happy for him when he bravely overcame his fear and just.. do it. You did great!! Contrary to his persona (or maybe he's just being quiet when with us)... Kenney dishes out really good articles on his blog.

Joshua, one of the serious duo of SeriouslyMan

Now Joshua.. he is seriously quite a character.. (hahaha we are all too used to making serious puns with his blog title) and the great thing is that he always took it cool. Usually in shorts, slippers and GoPro.. somehow I find Josh as a rather laid-back-and-go-along-with-the-flow kind of person. Definitely someone good to chill out with!

Tony. Food hunter of JohorKaki

It was great to travel with Tony again on this trip! While it was my first time travelling with the rest of the group, I got to know Tony while we travelled to NTAustralia together last year! He's the perfect example of how blogging transcends age. Despite being the eldest out of the group, Tony is a really fun character who has so much funny stories to tell when you ask him about his food adventures.

One thing that I really admire is his integrity and dedication when it comes to blogging because despite his huge popularity in the world of food blogging, Tony does not in take any advertorials - so that all his content are as true as what he thinks and feels. There's only one thing to take note! Not to browse through his pictures in the middle of the night because hunger pangs WILL come to you.

More about myself and the trip next time! All of us are blogging about our Cebu and Bohol Getaway right (here) so go check it out!


This trip is made possible with special thanks and heartfelt appreciation to 
Omy Singapore, Philippines Department of Tourism, and SilkAir.

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  1. I love to read your posts and look at all of the photos, exploring the smallest details! I write for on street fashion and you inspire me a lot!