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Photography by KennyKCSim
CEBU WATERS  Hola! It's the start of a brand new week today and I'm continuing on my Cebu and Bohol travelogue! (This is my second post and you can read up about my first one here) While our first day had all been getting about and touring the city of Cebu, we spent our second day getting out in the sun.. going island-hopping!!! 

We set off around 6am in the morning, where our guide drove us to Boyla Dive Shop to grab our snorkeling gears first before embarking on our adventure across the sea! With Philippines made up of 7107 islands... (ah.. a little too spoilt for choice) we settled with two out of the countless many. Up on the plan now is snorkeling at Hilotongnan Island and lunch on Nalusuan Island.

Photograph by KennyKCSim


Photograph by KennyKCSim

Snorkeling at Hilotongnan Island is my third try at snorkeling. Back then, I had my first snorkel experience in Tioman where I was greeted by a bunch of colorful marine fishes underwater. Naively, I had high expectations towards my second snorkel when I went to Boracay.... only to be soooo devasted. You must be thinking why, right? So let me tell you... the boatman whom we paid to bring us out, dropped us at a snorkeling site to swim with no more than.... ten fishes underwater. I was so disappointed!

When it came to Hilotongnan Island this time round... YES THERE WERE FISHES UNDERWATER!!! There's even a friendly diver down under who waved back at us. Now this, is definitely way better than my previous Boracay snorkel.. Off I went back up the boat again, grabbed my phone, and jumped back in with a leap of faith (that my phone wouldn't drown in water.. it should be waterproof) Look at the pictures from my phone!

Huge bunch of fishes right below our boat. As the currents were pretty strong, we decided to get out of the water and head next to Nalusuan Island for lunch.


(Photograph by KennyKCSIM)

Nalusuan Island is every kind of beautiful! I love the super long jetty walkway and all of us were just stopping every few steps to for photos hahaha. I bet we took at least twenty minutes before we finally made it to the other end for lunch. If you are island hopping in Cebu, this is THE island you HAVE to visit. Other than yummy local barbecued food, we found that it has another gorgeous beach right next to the place we dined.. (great for photos again!) with lots of little marine fishes in the shallow waters. If I am back to Cebu, I'll be sure to come back to Nalusuan Island again. 

(Photograph by KennyKCSIM)
(Photograph by KennyKCSIM)
(Photograph by YapMeng)

Getting late into the night right now so I'm getting off my desktop! 

If you'd like to read more, the rest of my awesome trip buddies are also blogging about our Cebu and Bohol Getaway right (here) so go check it out!


This trip is made possible with special thanks and heartfelt appreciation to 
Omy Singapore, Philippines Department of Tourism, and SilkAir.



•  Boyla Dive Shop  
Boat Rental from 9am to 3pm: P3,500
Snorkeling Masks / Fins: P300 per person
Entrance Fee to Nalusuan Island: P200 per person
• Lunch on Nalusuan Island: P550 per person

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  1. You truly took some beautiful pictures!
    Looks like you had lots of fun :)
    Would love to visit Cebu waters ^^

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