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50 YEARS  I love SG50. I will tell you that. And you have no idea how much I really do, because almost every single organisation.. shopping malls.. or even insurance policies and your favourite restaurant's menu has some sort of a special SG50 promotion going on. Even birth certificates - we have SG50 babies this year.. and even the SG50 triplets otters that's trending on Facebook (well now this is amusing....)

But how will Singapore and our build environment be like 50 years later in 2065?

If anything is possible - and apart the wish for the magic of teleportation to materialise - the next on my list will be for shopping and retail spaces to be brought into our homes.  (You know how Tony Stark conceptualises his range of Iron Man suits with his imaginary computer screen? YES. That.) If that kind of future technology were to land into my hands…. I would imagine for a shopping experience that transcends physical stores, fitting rooms, and across the boundaries of Singapore.

Okay, I mean, what else would you expect to come from an avid shopper like myself? Hahaha.

But hey I’m being serious. Think about it. How awesome would it be, if we could just step into shopping malls in the comfort of our homes.. Selecting just the shops or even down to just the specific brands or items that we would like to shop for? The cherry on the cake would be the possibility to even try them on to see if the apparels fit.

Wouldn’t that just save soooo much hassle on transport; the need to squeeze among the shopping crowd; and the time spent queuing for the fitting room? Especially if you are one who prefers online shopping like myself…… this could save me all the trouble and a headache trying to return a parcel if the piece of apparel I shipped in from overseas didn’t fit (I have yet to get to the part on the emotional disappointment...)

Now how about you? What would you hope to see in Singapore in 2065?

The reason why I’m writing about this is because there’s this very interesting #BuildSG2065 contest that’s going on hehe. All you need to do is to submit a piece of your wild imagination - be it text, video, or images - to The Straits Times contest website (here) and there are a whooping 50 prizes up for grabs!

Any idea, so long as they go under the sun (even flying pigs hahahaha) and they need not be plans meant for implementation. Was just browsing through the list of submissions done by others previously and oh my god - all the different ideas and concepts that are so interesting! Let’s join in together!!

You can find out more in this video and on the contest website at: http://buildsg2065.straitstimes.com



Contest is open to public, and it ends on 30 April 2015

 Participants to submit what they hope to see in Singapore in 2065
- Ideas can be absolutely ANYTHING, falling under one of these topics:
 Go Green   |   Smart Spaces   |   Space-Age Kampungs   |   Weatherproof World
- Submissions can be in text, video, or images
- Top 50 ideas stand to win prizes (http://buildsg2065.straitstimes.com/prizes)

If you are sharing your submissions on social media, do include the official hashtag #BuildSG2065


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  1. It's a great idea, to share ideas, imagination for a contest... as for me, I would love the teletransport of ourselves to places we love :) and also, to visit Singapore one day! As for the shopping, it's all fine till now :) But I liked your ideas and post and the picture of the opening, wow, a model! Gorgeous girl, always!