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BALAYAGE OMBRE  Let's talk about hair today! Because I'm still buzzing about with my fresh new hair color and I'm giving all my love to Zenn (my super talented stylist!) from Shunji Matsuo @ 313.

Was feeling all sleepy last Thursday - had a short trip into Johor Bahru the previous night so basically I'm functioning on about three hours worth of sleep (gone are the days in secondary school when we can survive the entire day without any wink of sleep...) and had decided that I shall just plonk myself onto a chair in Shunji Matsuo.

If's there's one thing that I learnt while with Zenn being my stylist at Shunji Matsuo, it is that I have absolute no need to think about what I want to do with my hair. I will leave it all to Zenn to frustrate over it hahaha (but that's also how much trust I have in her). The thing is......, hair is something I can never make up my mind on and, you need to know that I can be an incredibly boring person. If the decision lies within my hands, chances are I'll stick with the usual colors and leave the salon like I never did my hair hahaha. (Doesn't this sounds so familiar already?)

Went in last Thursday with a head of brown hair and guess what I told Zenn when she asked me what I want to do with my hair? I replied.., some other shade of brown??? Hahahahhahahah.

So glad that she suggested something else because the Zenn I know is not someone for conventional options. So yippie! My hair was bleached and toned down to a shade of ash green.. and it flows down to a cool balayage of lilac that looks like a mixture of ash grey, blue and lilac at the ends. She is seriously talented!

Have always been walking into Shunji Matsuo with a blank mind and Zenn has never left me disappointed hehe. This is exactly why I always stress being in the hands a good stylist who understands you is more important than any other factor. Thank you Zenn and Shunji Matsuo 313! x



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313 Orchard Road, #03-26
313@Somerset, Singapore 238895

 (65) 6238 0226

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Mon - Sun:  10.30am to 9pm (last appointment)

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  1. I loved your hair color, you look so beautiful with the flower headband as well! Really gorgeous color! Well, 3 hours of sleep, not good... anyway, once in a while why not, when the reason is cool! I visited a friend of mine last year and we slept so late, always. After a few days I felt so exhausted, I need to sleep :)

  2. cute!


  3. Beautiful and classy!