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REIGNITE It took me a long long while before I decided to start writing again. Who would have thought that 3 months would pass this fast? Truth is, I have been contemplating whether I should just stop.. writing. I've been so busy right up to my neck these few months.. and it's usually already midnight by the time I get home. You have no idea how inviting it is to be able to head straight to bed after a long day. You really have no idea - I'm even calling it my paradise on earth. (Okay, I'm being serious)

Lots of things have also happened during this time. My relationship of five years has came to an end; I've made new plans for myself; and I'm moving along great. It took me awhile to decide whether I should be mentioning about these. Writing has always been an avenue for me to straight my thoughts and get things off my chest. But looking at how social media have changed over the years, I've came to a conclusion that it is a double edged sword. Where's a good line to draw?

I think okay, while it's true that I owe no one an explanation nor a summary of what I've been up to.. I have still decided that I am going keep a log after all. So yes, I'm back to blogging! I really count my blessings to many of my friends who have encouraged me not to give it up (my heartfelt love goes to all of you!) There's already an unimaginable pile of backlog from my previous travel trips....... ........... (the picture above is one perfect example) so I think I'm just gonna leave them and start everything anew.

Saying hello to a brand new second quarter in 2015! It will be good!

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  1. Well done, dear Jaslin! Welcome back to blogging! I know that from time to time we need some space to "breath" and to do other things, other than blogging or using social media. I agree with you that it is a double edged sword. We find great people, like you, genuine and honest and we find the ones who only want competition, numbers and who say to you that you are amazing, but in fact on your back will say "she's stupid" (It happens to me with a certain "friend"- I pretend I don't know about anything, cause it's really not worth). So I am glad that you have people around that supported you with genuine interest and care! I know you are very busy, but it will maybe give you a sense of listing your things as a diary, and it's nice. I am sorry about the end of the 5 year-relationship, but sometimes it's better this way, people change - the others and ourselves :) I hope you have a great day today and always, and I am looking forward to reading more posts now!

  2. It is good you decided to continue as social media and the world around us are constantly changing - and that's a bit of what writing is all about.

  3. amazing landscape...Taipei is stunning!