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SMILE Remember how I used to blog all about my braces experience? From my first consultation to how I went through the extractions.. and finally taking them off at the end of a 2 year period. I was ecstatic!! Honest to heart I felt like it was one of the best decisions I could ever have made. My next best decision was when I decided to try out teeth whitening treatment (with Cosmeceutical MediAesthetics!).

Teeth whitening had all along been just a fleeting thought in my mind. Reasons being that it can be very expensive and I simply don't know which clinic is good. Price and quality never goes together, it's always a trade off, isn't it. So even though there may be lots of special deals and offers on websites like Groupon or Deal.com, I never dared to try them out. (What if it's some half-past-six service?) I mean, doing teeth whitening is an irreversible process... once it's done it's gonna be permanent. What if a slip up happened? (Haha I'm a little bit of a paranoid when it comes to things like this so please be nice)

So even when Cosmeceutical MediAesthetics emailed me to offer me their services I did remain a little hesistant.. Because what will we do? We will google for reviews (that's us as the new age generation hahaha) and there wasn't any that I came across. It was only after months of liasing through email that I decided to head down and give it a try. So happy that I did!

Arrived for my appointment and was seated for awhile before I had my consultation with Florence to understand more about myself - i.e. whether I had any past treatments done, my dietary habits and such. Although I'm neither a coffee nor tea drinker, my teeth has yellowed while I was on braces huhu.. (I was on shade 32!!! Holy cat.) Even despite the fact that I brush and floss my teeth regularly.

After Florence explained in detail about the whole procedure and triple-made sure that I had all of my inquiries clarified, it's time for the treatment!

Was given a mouthwash to rinse before Florence settled me down in the treatment room with this little buzzer bell  - meant for me to notify them should I experience any discomfort at any point of time during the treatment. So yep, that's gonna be the last photo of myself with my old smile.

Florence then started by applying a generous amount of lip balm for me (I can't stress how important this is coming from experience), followed by the application of gum protector and non-peroxide gel on my teeth. Was given an eye shade and all I had to do was to sleep for the next 40 minutes with the LED light shining on my teeth hehe (it's actually two 20-minutes round, so Florence came in midway and reapplied the non-peroxide gel). Surprisingly there wasn't any discomfort at all (the one thing you need to know about me is that my pain tolerance level is literally at zero hahahaha so yes, you can place your trust on me).

Was expecting my gums to be a little sensitive while rinsing up after but there wasn't any discomfort! Really? It's over just like that? Everything was way less complicated than what I had imagined - all the more I wanna kick myself in the foot for being such a big worrywart.

Results are always what that matters most.. so lo and behold!! My teeth went 16 shades lighter!!!! (Holy cat. SIXTEEN.) From Shade 32 all the way to Shade 16. One-six. It was way better than what both Florence and I had expected - we were only looking around the range of 24~26 as a session would typically give at least a 5-shades improvement. Who would have thought it was a whopping 16 shades difference!!

There wasn't even any downtime to the treatment. How can anything be THIS good?? I am in disbelief - and I still am. Each time I look into the mirror I see the vast difference in my smile. My smile is brighter and my lipstick looks even better on me now. (Not making this up, I promise) Never have I thought that such a simple teeth whitening process can bring about such a huge surge of happiness and confidence. It's hard to put across in words how happy I am, but I hope you all can sense it nonetheless. And this is exactly why I'm saying that this has to be my next best decision after putting on braces. What in the world took me so long to consider teeth whitening??

The only downside was that I have to bade my temporary goodbyes to coffee, tea, softdrinks, fruit juices for the next two days post-treatment. That's the only awful part because I had to wake up really early in the morning and I'm upset when I can't get my favourite milo drink nor my caffein fix the entire day.... That apart, no other discomfort other than having to be gentler while I brush my teeth and gums over the next two days (probably the only time when I get the slight sensitivity on my gums).

Services for Cosmeceuticals MediAesthetics' LED Teeth Whitening treatment are at S$999 (with an on-going promotion at $215). Was asking if I could have a better rate for you guys and their marketing team has just got back to me with a super awesome promo rate of S$99!! (That's just a fraction of their original rate!)

But do note: This $99 LED Teeth Whitening promotion will only be valid for the next 3 months from today's date, and you will need to present this blog post at their counter to redeem it. The code is [Cosmeceuticals-Jaslin-TW$99], and it will only be valid for a one time use.

If you are like me - as someone who got off braces; or that you're just simply not satisfied with your smile - I would really encourage you to give it a go. Have not regretted my visit and in fact I'm already planning to go down for a second time hehe (and nope, this time it's not going to be a sponsored service).

Once again a big Thank You to Cosmeceuticals MediAesthetics and my very attentive consultant Florence for making sure that I have a pretty smile when I step out of the clinic. They are located at 41A Boat Quay and can be contacted at +65 6536 6954 / 6536 9954 should you have any inquiries!


Cosmeceuticals MediAesthetics
Website: http://www.cosmeceuticals.com.sg/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cosmocm

41A Boat Quay S(049830)
(Behind Circular Road, Along the River, Above Maharaja  Restaurant)

+65 6536 6954 / 6536 9954
Mon - Fri, 1130am - 830pm
Sat and PH, 10am - 7pm
Closed on Sundays

This is a sponsored advertorial courtesy of Cosmeceuticals MediAesthetics.
 While the services are sponsored, all views and opinions are my own.

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