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CATCH-UP  Oh my god it's been almost 3 months since I last blogged! (I pretty sure this is turning into a quarterly blog soon hahaa). How have everything been going of late? Mine is nothing short of bad turns and among others, some good surprises too.

I have resigned from my day job as an events planner some time last month, over a huge saga after a change in my terms of employment. It was my first full time job as a fresh graduate, and it had really opened my eyes to what people often say about "coming out to work in the society". To a certain extent, I do agree about that. Although I do enjoy my work as an events planner tremendously, there are also just some other issues that I just feel so unjust about.

How would you feel if a company denies your rightful share of reimbursement, and there is really nothing much that you can do just because of certain ambiguous words and/or terms that's spelled out in your employment contract? How would you feel when other colleagues passes you their job just because they are more "senior" in terms of their job appointment? I mean, yes, although fresh graduates are relatively new in terms of experience, but that doesn't means that fresh graduates can be bullied into certain situations. Among all, I've learnt that an organisation's culture with the guidance of a good leader are also of equal importance when considering a job. I left the company feeling angry with myself for having failed to notice any of these before I accepted up the job appointment. (To be honest, it sucks. It really does.) On a lighter note, I can't deny that it was an experience that made me wiser about things.

Apart from job wise, everything has been going great. I am in love with my better half (although he can be very annoying at times). We are usually out exploring places and.. I don't know. I think he is on a secret mission to fatten me up because we are always cafe-hopping for icecream and waffles. (Oh my god!!) It's all evident on my Instagram. It's time I need to get back to the gym asap. Anyone up for gym?

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  1. Events management sucks anyway. WAY too many things that can go wrong. =D

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