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ROSE GOLD Finally I'm blogging about my hair color that I did with Zenn at Kenjo Hair Salon earlier last month! As my previous 3D highlights have since faded into a nice pastel shade of pink and blue, I went back to Kenjo Hair Salon to touch up and to color my hair again. 

Been some time since I last had lighter shade of colors, hence we decided to go for an ashy tone of rose color with streaks of grey highlights. It was a huge job (with the grey highlights and everything) and I can't be more thankful to have Zenn working on me because she is very, very, very, (and I repeat) very particular to details.

As my hair color was a dark shade of brown, Zenn had to bleach my entire hair twice in order to lighten it. Twice! I have already lost count on the number of times Zenn bleached and lightened my hair over the past year for me. Though my hair has never failed to turn out super smooth and glossy.. (aiyah I just can't help but worry okay, haha). What if my scalp stings again from the bleach?? On a scale of 1 to 10, my tolerance for pain is probably at 1.0.

Bye to my dark hair!

The color chart that makes everyone spoilt for choice. Having tried so many shades of ash (such as ash brown, ash green, blue highlights, and etc), we went for a pink tone this time.

CUREPLEX. Oh my god. Trust me when I say this Cureplex product which Kenjo has is pretty awesome. It is meant to apply on our hair and scalp prior to bleaching and it is really really, really good. It's like a scalp and hair protector so that your hair frizzes less after lightening. 

I remember how my scalp used to sting slightly the moment bleach was applied to my scalp. But this time round there wasn't any discomfort (cureplex I love you). That slight stingy sensation only came on towards the end when the bleach was left on for about 10 to 15 minutes. Plus, my hair didn't frizz out so it was really good. 

This is how the process of my hair went! After two rounds of lightening session, Zenn did the grey highlights in before coloring the rest of my hair in the shade of ash rose. I actually had two sessions with Kenjo to color my hair, as I didn't had enough time on my first session to finish the coloring. My roots was a lighter shade of gold, where I returned to Kenjo two days later to tone it down to darker brown with a pampering . I love the result sooo much! 

A usual mandatory shot with Zenn my super awesome hair stylist and a happy selfie of me in my pinkish ash hair. The rose gold ash color is so unique!

Apart from coloring, Volume Rebonding, Korean Volume Setting Perm, Digital Perm and Argan Oil Treatment are some of Kenjo’s best treatments. If you girls (and guys) would also pamper your hair witha color or perm your hair for the upcoming Christmas and New Year, it's time to do so! (I'm going to book my appointment all the way till Chinese New Year in February haha #kiasudieme)

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Zenn's my stylist so you can look for her! 

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[P.S. Mention my name to enjoy 15% off all ala carte services]

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  1. love your new hair! =)

    xoxo, rae

  2. Awesome..!!! Looking very beautiful.

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