Friday, March 11, 2016

Kenjo Salon | Violet Hair

VIOLET SHADES Voila! When it's time to blog it's always about my hair (hahaha). Truth is that I've been back to Kenjo Salon to touch up my hair color twice after my rose gold hair, so I want to blog about them before I missed them out. I've colored it violet purple and mahagony brown, so this post will be for my violet hair! The rose gold color in my hair had quickly faded to caramel blonde (as with all bleached color, they are always pretty as it lasts, but good thing is that I can opt for a change again!).

So when I went back to look for Zenn at Kenjo salon, I asked her why not we try for a darker shade this time.. but with a tinge of purple this time. I seriously love my light color hair base because it's always so easy to do coloring on them now.

So this is the color which my rose gold hair had faded into about a month plus later. No split ends even though it's been some time since i last had my treatment after I bleached my hair at Kenjo (yay!). Having my hair done at Kenjo always puts my heart at ease because somehow or rather, even though I may have bleached it, my hair hardly gets frizzed out and they are always easy to manage even by myself.

Violet purple here we go!

And as with all visits to Kenjo, I realised that they are always using something new for the hair! This time round it's Continuum Ro•Zen hair care products. This range of products effectively reduces hair breakage during coloring, where it is basically used to repair over-processed hair, giving it texture and shine by reconnecting the cortical strands of our hair.

This is the end-result! Not to mention that this was also my fastest visit to Kenjo.. In just less than 3 hours and I'm done. The color is so subtle and super pretty..  (Thank you Zenn for the recommendation!) It kinda looks like black, but under the sunlight you can see all the violet tones in the hair. I don't know how true it is, but somehow having dark purple in your hair gives an illusion of a smaller face??? (Hahahaha okay, please don't ask me but that's what I felt lah..)


Apart from coloring, Volume Rebonding, Korean Volume Setting Perm, Digital Perm and Argan Oil Treatment are some of Kenjo’s best treatments. If you girls (and guys) would also pamper your hair with a new color or a perm, do look for my stylist Zenn Tan at Kenjo! 

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