Late nights

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Okay, I shouldn't be here. Or so I keep telling myself because after all - it's 1.15am early in the wee hours and it's a working day tomorrow later. But just look at my newly refreshed blog! I am totally in love. I had no idea that blogger templates can be so.... what's the correct word.. nice? Or advanced? Okay maybe less so on the advanced part because it's not much of technology as per se, but just that I didn't know that a blog hosted on Blogger can look so good?
Well because compared to Wordpress, there are always so many of my friends who swore by Wordpress on its flexibility to customise every single widget (and the list goes on), as compared to being limited to a certain extent for a blog hosted on Blogger. Personally I've been onto Wordpress platform too, but my verdict is that it is all greek to me. Definitely a nope for me.
So anyway, I'm still configuring and coding the last few remaining items here and there, but I already can't wait to blog! Evidently from my enthusiasm to write at 2am. I am so going to regret this when I wake up later in the morning.
It was Labour Day today and in celebration of this public holiday, I labored the day away as usual being buried deep into my laptop. Was just reading Smith's blog the other day about how being busy with work is becoming a very convenient excuse for everything else and it kind of hit me in the gut too. SO HERE I AM.
May is going to be a very challenging month for me with quite a number of upcoming events, but I'm not complaining! Just a little rant here and there on my insta-story last week because I got so stressed out. I want a bit of me-time to myself like most people do too - to squander my time on watching TV series after work.. having a nice drink at Starbucks and just watch the world go by on weekends.. or to go out explore new places and sit down for nice meal in a cafe. Guess what I really need is a pause button. I don't want time to fly by just like that.

Okay I just caught myself dozing off abit so off I go to catch some shuteye. Goodnight world.

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